CWQAP - Contractor Workforce Qualifications Assurance Program

CWQAP Contractor Workforce Qualifications Assurance Program is to assure the technical knowledge and awareness of Aramco's safety and security procedures of the technicians who will be working in Aramco's sites. The Qualification Process involves a computer based test (CBT) and if passed the certificate is issued.

Course Objective: To ensure that the contractor technicians working in Saudi Aramco facilities are qualified to do the required or assigned job. The program authenticates the safety compliance of contractor employees. It includes the documentation, validity and competencies of contractor workforce

There are six different CWQAP crafts

  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • HVAC
  • Machinist
  • Metal-Fabricator
  • Metal-Pipefitting

Target Attendees: For Electrical technicians, HVAC technicians, Instrumentation technician, Machinist, Metal Fabricators, Metal Pipefitters who are aspiring to pass the Contractor Workforce Assessment Test. The course is not suitable for fresh graduate or no experience candidate. Candidates must have prior knowledge and experience upon taking the course.

Training Duration: 18 hours / 3 Days (6 hours per day)
Exam Administrator: Prometric
Exam Duration: 2 hours
Session: Face to Face
Validity: All CWQAP Certification is valid for 3 years from the test date

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