Mentor Training Course

MENTORSHIP TRAINING COURSE Experience attrition is a big challenge to the business entities nowadays; Qualified mentors can make significant change in retaining knowledge and experience by systemizing experience transfer process. Effective mentoring program provides the suitable work frame to help mentors do that change.

Mentor Training & Mentoring workshop is a 5-day training course that is intended to Qualify mentors at the highest level of knowledge and skill.

Course objectives:

At the end of the course participant will be able to:
  • Practice Mentoring by heart
  • Apply the best practices of mentoring process in the workplace
  • Know how to organize his work to accommodate mentoring
  • Understand the R&R of both mentor and Mentee
  • Accept and be involved in Reverse mentoring as needed

Course outlines:

  • Mentor Mind set:
    • Participant will comprehend the concept of mentorship
    • He shall value and embrace mentoring
    • He will understand the importance and need of mentoring
    • He will learn the different techniques of mentoring and adopt best practices
    • He will recognize how critical is the mentorship programs for both employees and for the organization
  • Mentor Training workshop: (Role Playing Rehearsal)
    • Participant will be trained on the skills of mentoring
    • Will learn the roles & responsibilities of Mentor
    • Participant will learn the techniques and applications of mentoring
    • He will practically do some mentoring tasks inside the classroom
    • Will learn how to deal with mentees
    • He will be exposed to rehearsal of full cycle of mentoring
    • Participant will know mentorship benefits
  • Expected Behavioral impact on the worksite:
    • Better Experience retention
    • Structured knowledge sharing practices
    • Enhanced healthy work environment, Training Culture, reputation, networking, socialization
    • Mentoring links with leadership one enhances other
    • Mentoring environment leverages training accountability
    • Improved communication and Effective employee engagement
    • Promotes positive learning attitudes

About The Trainer

Hassan A. Al-Harthi, HR Trainer/Management Consultant at Human Asset Training Insitiute (HATI), Khobar, SA
* Designated Master Trainer ™️ by atd Global®
* Certified Trainer/Mentor by Saudi Aramco
* 32 years of Experience with Saudi Aramco
* Delivered Trainig for more than 1500 people in different fields.

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